Saturday, 9 March 2013

Avast! Internet Security 8 (Full)

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avast! Internet Security 8 is avast's next-generation suite, which
now comes with a new interface and more extras and options than ever

Installation was quick and easy on a test Windows 7 system. If you're
familiar with the product then you'll immediately notice the new
interface. A compact and clean Home Page separates the beta's key
functions into six panes, and clicking Scan for the first time
immediately launched a Quick Scan. Click the Security tab, though, and
you'll find all the usual controls for the suite's antivirus engine,
spam filter, firewall and more, so there's plenty here to explore.

The left-hand toolbar also provides access to some interesting new
tools. Software Updater checks your installed applications and alerts
you to any available updates; Browser Cleanup aims to help you remove
annoying addons from your browsers (although only IE and Firefox at the
moment, at least on our system); and AccessAnywhere allows you to set up
remote access to your PC.

And of course there have also been improvements to the core
protection technologies, so for instance FileRep and WebRep are now
better able to identify and new threats in near real time.

This is the avast! internet security suite. The program also comes in
a Free, Pro and Premier antivirus edition, and even the most basic of
these delivers plenty of power, including a lot of real-time and
browsing protection. So if you're looking to save money then the Free
edition may be the best place to start.

Build 8.0.1484 brings these changes:

• Fixed issue with ZoneAlarm

• Fixed issue with constant CPU frequency

• Fixed issue with video players

• Fixed issue with Virtual PC

• Added some localizations


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