Wednesday, 27 February 2013

USB-AV Antivirus

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100% protection against any threats via USB storage

The engine of search of malware is designed in LUA, one this
makes a major speed and precision in detection of any threats that
propagate for USB devices. In spite of the daily updates USB-AV it
possesses several skills of heuristic search to detect the new unknown
virus variants until now.

Fastest and lightest on system resource

In contrast to the conventional antiviruses that analyze all
activity in the system, USB-AV only is activated after a new unit got
connected in USB ports. Is designed to run at full speed! without making
the system slow.

Prevent unauthorized persons from stealing your data

Deliver high level of protection against theft and accidental
disclosure of confidential data. This feature can prevent unauthorized
persons from copying your data to USB drives, and it also can stop the
threats from USB drive.

Recovering hidden files and folders in USB drive

The new malware variants tend to hide the original liles and
folders, in its place they copy the file infected to confuse the users.
Our antivirus possesses several skills to decontaminate the units and to
restore them.

Daily database update

The Malware databases are published every day, These files
contain the descriptions of last threats brought by our users and by
collaborators of several countries of the world. To avoid false
positives each of the threats are certified by VirusTotal before being

100% compatible with other antivirus

This product is designed to coexist with any software
antivirus or firewall set in teams with windows. Because most of the
antiviruses do not scan completely the units, usb-av he shares its
analysis with every antivirus so that they could detect possible



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