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TrustPort Antivirus 2013

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TrustPort Antivirus 2013

Centrally managed protection for workstations and data stored on them
against viruses and spyware. Continuously monitors data which is being
used, and immediately stops any malicious codes being run. The
suspicious file is either blocked, renamed or deleted according to
software settings. The software keeps workstations in optimal secure

Easy maintenance, Effective protection

  • Antivirus and antispyware

  • On access protection

  • Preventive monitoring

  • Automatic updates

  • Mass installations

  • Remote configuration

A high level of detection of viruses and spyware

The software scans data using several high-scanning engines and thus
achieves one of the best detection rates of viruses in the world. It
reveals virtually all commonly occurring viruses and spyware, whether
using a database of virus samples, or a heuristic analysis of code.

Automatic software updates

To make sure the antivirus is continually ready to face all the
current threats, it automatically downloads at regular intervals all the
latest virus definitions. With one mouse click the software will also
upgrade itself to the latest version.

Self-defense against attacks

Antivirus system files cannot be changed by foreign applications
among which could be malware trying to disguise its presence on the
computer. These files are reliably protected by the antivirus and thus
can not be decommissioned.

On-access antivirus protection

A process runs in the background of the operating system which
monitors all operations with files on your hard disk and removable
media. Objectionable or suspicious files are blocked immediately, so the
virus is not able to start its detrimental activities..

On-demand antivirus scanning

In the interest of antiviral prevention, regular monitoring of all
fixed and removable drives should occur. Scanning can be scheduled on
monthly, weekly, daily or hourly intervals, and can be limited to scan
only the selected folder or portable media.

Central management

The deployment of the antivirus software on a large number of
computers in your corporate network is not a problem. This can be
achieved simply thanks to the advanced central administration console,
which is available for free with the antivirus. It means you can
remotely install the software, configure it, and upgrade it, all quickly
and efficiently.


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