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Panda Antivirus (8)

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Panda Security SL, formerly Panda Software, is one of the dominant
computer security software vendors. AV-Test gives it excellent scores.
Industry analysts praise its technology innovations. Since 1990, when it
launched in Bilbao, Spain, Panda Security has achieved a worldwide
reach. There are Panda subsidiaries in Austria, Belgium, France,
Finland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the U.K. and
the United States. There are also Panda Security franchises in another
44 countries. Panda Antivirus Pro is one of the best antivirus software
products and it is integrated with a proprietary firewall. In terms of
performance, Panda Antivirus Pro runs with the big dogs, according to

Panda Antivirus software is installed on so many computers now that
hackers are writing code that understands how to attack Panda,
specifically. This security software has a system to armor itself to
prevent malware from changing files or entries in the Windows registry.
Whenever it blocks such an attack, the system sends you a message to let
you know it took care of it.

Millions of Panda users opt to share with Panda Security details of
whatever attacks them. In this way, Panda is able to quickly indentify
and contain fast-breaking contagions and send out an antidote. Panda
refers to its cloud-based threat-compiling effort as Collective
Intelligence, which winnows through almost 200,000 files daily to
separate the sheep from the goats.

The Windows firewall after XP is a strong two-way firewall.
Nevertheless, some users like the idea of using antivirus software with
its own integrated firewall even if they are running Vista or Windows 7.
Panda Antivirus software includes a firewall, but conveniently leaves
it off by default for those who want to stay with the Windows firewall.
The clean Panda interface clearly reveals whether its firewall is
activated or not.

Panda distinguishes between known and unknown threats and lets you
control what it should do about them. Against known threats, it will
scan internet browsing, instant messaging, email and files on disk. You
can pick any of these or none. And you can decide whether you want the
software to record these events in a log. Furthermore, you can pick the
types of threats you want it to detect: dialers, jokes, hacking tools,
phishing, spyware and viruses. If anything attempts to modify Internet
Explorer settings, you determine up front whether to automatically deny
the attempt or whether you want to be prompted to decide. If things
don’t go as planned and you lose control of Internet Explorer, you can
recover the settings that you saved previously and go on with your

For protection against unknown threats, you decide whether you want
that feature active or not. And if you do, you configure the options to
decide if you want to enable behavioral analysis and heuristic scans.
Panda’s behavioral analysis, called TruPrevent Technologies, analyzes
behavior to determine threat level. Heuristic scans examine the program
code in malware to figure out if it is a virus, worm or spyware. You can
also protect against unknown threats by blocking the execution of
Script files. And you can decide to send potentially dangerous email
attachments to quarantine or not. In order to prevent attack via USB
drives, a feature called Panda USB Vaccine inoculates newly inserted USB
drives and prevents the spread of autorun.inf infections. If you use
this feature to vaccinate your computer, it will disable any autorun
utility from USB drives and CD or DVD drives.

If you want a web browser that cannot transmit malware to your system
while navigating the internet, you can download the Panda Safe Browser
from within the antivirus software. It is a safe way to browse because
if it is attacked, it sends the threat straight into a virtual sand box
and isolates it until its intention becomes clear. A gaming mode lets
you watch full-screen video games or movies without pop ups or alerts.
Home Network Manager lets you monitor, protect and update PCs on your
home network. And to frustrate keyloggers, there is a virtual keyboard.

Once you have activated the product, a helpful service becomes
available. Whenever you control a suspicious file and isolate it in
Quarantine, you can send it to Panda for analysis.


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