Monday, 28 January 2013

Macro Keys™ 4.0 ( Full )

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Macro Buddy is a 4 in 1 program designed to hugely increase your
productivity in business, research, internet surfing, programming and
other work related repeated tasks.

It can automate your repeated typing phrases by replacing them with
predefined shortcut text so that you never type those tedious phrases

It can fill your internet forms and login forms instantly. It can keep
record of your 10 clipboard entries to be used at any time. It can run
programs, files, websites or emails instantly with a hotkey combination.
It can also search your keywords on favorite search engines.

Macro Buddy is easy to use yet very effective and saves your time and efforts working on your computer.

What it can do for me? According to an American research, 35% of our
daily computer tasks are repeated tasks. This means you'd be saving 35%
of your time working with Macro Buddy.

It's not only a macro program, you also have 3 other useful tools that
can dramatically increase your creativity and production. For more
information see the tutorial of the program.

How is it unique? Easy to use, user-friendly interface gives you power
to make your macros instantly in a matter of seconds without learning
any computer language unlike other macro tools that take a lot of time
and effort, in many cases it's much easier to repeat tasks than to make
macros on those softwares.


• Lets you create macros for what you most frequently type. Imagine how
easy it would be for you if you type repeated stuff most of time,
whether its replying to your customers via email or typing anything

• Automates your repeated tasks, you may never need to write salutations in letters, emails or everyday phrases again.

• Automatically saves your clipboard changes so that you copy anything
without fearing. Can also help you save data even after a system crash.

• You can set hotkeys to run your favorite programs and files and even
websites. Which means all you need to do to open the notepad is to use

• Search for anything on Google and Altavista, or search for meanings of difficult words or even search the entire encyclopedia.

• With four different features like repeated text replacement, clipboard
records, hotkeys and search engines your compute life will become

• Saves alot of time by doing your assigned work. Lets you relax, play
and have fun instead of spending the whole day on your computer.

• Helps you get organized and more powerful with your computer. Its like a magic lamp, ask the genie and it will be done.

• Speeds up your work and lets you save time and money. The multiple
clipboards can also be used to save data so that you never loose it.


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