Thursday, 20 September 2012


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is a wonderful utility which offers the capacity to connect two
computers as if they were connected to a LAN. This allows the users to
share folders, disks, files and it allows them to communicate by means
of an internal chat.

This great software operates as a safe peer-to-peer connection in
which one of the users creates an internal network in which he enters
his IP address and incorporates a password. The other user will be able
to connect just knowing the name and the password of the connection.

Safety is a key point in Hamachi. This means, that
using this programme it is possible to exchange information very quickly
and without any problem by means of a very simple and attractive to the
sight interface.

In a few words, Hamachi offers a great option to connect with other people in a completely protected environment.

Full Version Limitations:

Some functions are restricted.


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