Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Posted By: The Kp - 11:23:00

with all Windows versions,Picget.PhotoShine.v3.3 lends a hand to all those who
want to create romantic or funny templates using the image of their
loved ones.

Installation is very smooth and fast, but the
interface is not as satisfying: Picget.PhotoShine.v3.3 is far from impressive when
it comes to the way it looks, as the whole interface seems old-fashioned
and somewhat childish. In all fairness, it is meant to be intuitive
enough to encourage both beginners and experts to operate it, but some
might argue that it is a little bit too simplistic.
its purpose is to enhance photos via templates, rises to
one's expectations. There are several categories that one can choose
from, depending on the occasion they have in mind. While it is not
possible to adjust the actual templates, one can resize, flip or rotate
the images as they see fit.
Additionally, they can modify the
brightness, saturation and contrast to their liking, along with apply
some basic effects like black-and-white or sktech. In the end, a
creative design can be obtained without too much effort on the user's
side, especially since some of these templates support several images so
as to produce a nice-looking scrapbook.
Not only are you
prevented from modifying the templates per se, by customizing the texts,
images or colors, you are also stuck with the ones offered by the
developer, as there is no option to create one's own templates.
conclusion is quite simple: PhotoShine is a simple tool that is
appropriate for those who want to place a photo over another, but
experienced users who search for professional editing tools are advised
to keep on looking.


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