Sunday, 10 June 2012

Posted By: The Kp - 02:19:00

OpenOffice is a full-featured office suite that comes as a more affordable alternative to the popular Microsoft Office.
OpenOffice brings alternative solutions for each major tool bundled
into Microsoft's very own suite, which means that you can switch to
this application even if you are a fan of MS Word, Excel, Power Point or

OpenOffice has them all, obviously under a different
name, but boasting almost the same powerful functions as Microsoft’s
software package. The installer allows you to select which components
you wish to drop on your computer; OpenOffice lets you install only the
things you need, so checking them twice before clicking them is highly

Using OpenOffice is quite easy after you get used to
the menus and the places functions are located. Sure, it might be a bit
overwhelming for first-time users, but it’s only the way such a complex
application may interact with its users. There are a lot of buttons
everywhere you look, so it’s only a matter of time until you get used to

"Writer" is a part of the suite designed as a direct
replacement for Microsoft Word. It comes with spell checking, it allows
you to insert tables, pictures, files or graphs into new documents,
change formatting, build macros, switch to another language or even
install extensions from the same rich interface.

"Calc", Excel's equivalent, has everything you need, be it spreadsheet
functions, filters, forms, charts and drawings. OpenOffice "Impress"
component, on the other hand, challenges PowerPoint and relies on a wide
assortment of built-in animations and effects to make
your presentations more appealing.


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