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Libre Office

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LibreOffice was developed to be a productivity
suite that is compatible with other major office suites, and available
on a variety of platforms. It is free software and therefore free to
download, use and distribute

LibreOffice Writer

Writer lets you design and produce text documents that can include
graphics, tables, or charts. You can then save the documents in a
variety of formats, including the standardized OpenDocument format
(ODF), Microsoft Word .doc format, or HTML. And you can easily export
your document to the Portable Document Format (PDF).

Writer lets you create both basic documents, such as memos, faxes,
letters , resumes and merge documents, as well as long and complex or
multi-part documents, complete with bibliographies, reference tables and

LibreOffice Writer also includes such useful features
as a spellchecker, a thesaurus, AutoCorrect, and hyphenation as well as a
variety of templates for almost every purpose. You can also create your
own templates using the wizards.

Designing and Structuring
offers a wide variety of options to design documents. Use the Styles
and Formatting window to create, assign and modify styles for
paragraphs, individual characters, frames and pages. In addition, the
Navigator helps you to quickly move around inside your documents, lets
you look at your document in an outline view, and keeps track of the
objects that you have inserted into your document.

You can also
create various indexes and tables in text documents. You can define the
structure and appearance of the indexes and tables according to your
individual needs. Live hyperlinks and bookmarks let you jump directly to
the corresponding items in the text.

Desktop Publishing with LibreOffice Writer
Writer contains numerous desktop publishing and drawing tools to assist
you in creating professionally styled documents, such as brochures,
newsletters and invitations. You can format your documents with
multi-column layouts, text frames, graphics, tables, and other objects.

documents in LibreOffice have an integrated calculation function that
helps you execute sophisticated calculations or logical links. You can
easily create a table in a text document in order to perform

Creating Drawings
LibreOffice Writer drawing tool lets you create drawings, graphics,
legends, and other types of drawings directly in text documents.

Inserting Graphics
can insert pictures with different formats into a text document,
including graphics with a JPG or GIF format. In addition, the Gallery
provides a collection of clipart graphics, and the Fontwork Gallery
creates stunning font effects.

Flexible Application Interface
program interface is designed so that you can configure it according to
your preferences, including customizing icons and menus. You can
position various program windows, such as the Styles and Formatting
window or the Navigator as floating windows anywhere on the screen. You
can also dock some windows to the edge of the workspace.

drag-and-drop feature enables you to work quickly and efficiently with
text documents in LibreOffice. For example, you can drag-and-drop
objects, such as graphics from the Gallery, from one location to another
in the same document, or between open LibreOffice documents


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