Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Posted By: The Kp - 02:44:00

Let me start off by saying this game was EPIC, yes I mean EPIC! BIG
improvement from the other two. It makes sense too, it’s a whole
different console and much better technology. Graphics were stunning and
seeing that I am playing it with surround sound, I felt like i was in a
movie. There is this red icon I see when I put on a blue-ray with the
letters DTS on it, supposedly that means that its Digital Theater Sound,
which also means that the sound was SICK! Never did I play a game with
this good sound, except NBA 2k10 (don’t ask why). I finished this game
in approximately 8 hours of gameplay in a span of 3 days. Not bad for a
guy who didn’t finish God of War 1 5 years ago because he got stuck in a
level that he finished 5 years later in 10 minutes lol. To be honest I
finished it with ease in a way because I got used to the controls from
the previous games and the combos are almost identical. Boss fights are
so much fun, I love them so much I dread fighting strong mobs (enemies)
and actually have a harder time with them than bosses. God of War 3,
unlike its predecessors offers 4 weapons each with a magic attack, and 4
types of abilities. Much like the previous games, there is an insane
amount of blood. The best part is that because the graphics are so
stunning, it looks like real blood, not red but like a dark red the way
blood actually looks in real life! There is a fight where the blood is
so much that it fills up the screen and you can’t see anything. Yes its
that gore. I never had this much adrenaline rush since like the first
Dynasty Warriors. I feel prime just finishing this game.


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