Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Turbo C /Turbo C++

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imulates Borland's Turbo C /Turbo C++ on Windows

The Turbo C Simulator, is the world's first dedicated
specifically coded simulator which simulates Borland's Turbo C/ TurboC
++ on any versions of Windows. By using this software you can install
Turbo C , fix any existing installation or configure the way Turbo C
runs on your windows machine.

Turbo C simulator uses an internal
simulation engine which makes it possible to run Turbo C on any versions
of Windows, especially Vista and 7, as if it is run in a native
environment . It doesn't make any difference whether you are on a 32
bit or 64 bit version of Windows.

Turbo C simulator provides a
set of settings which gives you even more control on how Turbo C runs.
You can specify at what resolution Turbo C runs, fixed or full screen.
If you choose fixed resolution , you can still switch to full screen at
any time by pressing Alt-Enter .

Turbo C Simulator uses a refined
High-Quality internal filtering system, so that when you run your Turbo
C at different resolutions you get the sharpest possible result .

The engine runs in the background and thus is invisible to you,all you see is your Turbo C running


before your eyes.

The simulation engine is originally based on
the well known DOSBox emulator, which you can make sure of its
superiority and high quality to any existing simulator at present time.

Get TurboC Simulator and give it a try to see what it's all about!


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