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PowerDVD 12 ( Full )

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Enhanced Experiences


Convert Blu-ray Movies to 3D

PowerDVD 12 introduces a unique feature to turn 2D Blu-ray movies
into 3D in real time. Re-watch your all-time favorite Blu-ray titles
again in 3D with TrueTheater 3D!

Enjoy 2D Videos & Photo Slideshows in 3D!

Throw yourself right into the action by converting 2D photos and
videos into a super cool 3D experience with TrueTheater® 3D. The effect
is amazingly realistic and creates a whole new way to enjoy your videos
and photos.

Watch DVDs in Amazing HD

TrueTheater® HD gives standard definition DVD and
video images the look and feel of true high-definition via resolution
upscaling from 480 pixels to 1080 pixels, eliminating jagged edges and
distracting video artifacts.

YouTube Enhanced!

Now you can apply any of TrueTheater®'s amazing enhancement
technologies to YouTube videos for a far superior viewing experience.
Try a clearer, sharper, higher resolution, and better sounding YouTube!

Surround Yourself with Sound

TrueTheater® Surround expands audio output to mimic
surround sound on home theater systems for 2-channel content, and on
conventional stereo speakers or headphones for multi-channel DVDs,
videos and music files. Enjoy big surround sound without the big cost!

Optimized For Your Big Screen TV

TrueTheater® Stretch employs a non-linear stretching
technique that automatically adjusts the viewing ratio of the displayed
video to match the output display. Now you can watch any
standard-format DVD movie with the aspect ratio optimally suited to the
display device

Silky Smooth Action Sequences

TrueTheater® Motion up-converts the frame-rate of
video to 60/72 frames per second (fps) for smoother-looking video
playback and fluid, graceful action sequences.

Correct Shaky Camcorder Videos

PowerDVD is the ideal player for watching videos you have taken with your camcorder. TrueTheater® Stabilizer uses advanced technology to minimize the shakiness of your videos for a smooth and steady result.

Make Your Videos & Photos Snap!

TrueTheater® Denoise removes blocky or pixilated effects from your videos & photos, while TrueTheater® Lighting delivers superb colors and improves image detail for an enhanced viewing experience.  


Enhanced Player Experience

Instant Scale - Browse media thumbnails in many sizes

When viewing your media library in Grid view, you can adjust the size of thumbnail to the most comfortable size.

Instant View - Quickly search & browse your media

Mouse over the folder thumbnail, then use the scroll bar to quickly
browse through photos and videos within the folder without opening it.

Instant Zoom - Watch for details

Zoom in portion of a video or movie scene up to 4x times while it is still playing.

Instant Seek - Instantly find your favorite scene

Lightning fast scene location within your movies using CyberLink preview optimization technology.

Smart Media Library - Easiest way to browse media

View your library in Grid or List view, search media content by name, rating and more.

Movie Marks - Bookmark your favorite scenes

A great way to mark scenes in movies. Hit the bookmark tag, leave a comment and go back to the exact spot later.

An Optimized Player Experience - Any  Device, Any Screen

PowerDVD 12 has re-invented its user interface. Now, with full
integration of your media library, you can easily browse through your
videos, music & photos stored on your local PC, network PC, DLNA
server or even social websites. By switching to remote-control friendly
cinema mode, you can sit on your sofa and browse through your media
using your smartphone or tablet.

Remote Control Friendly Cinema Mode for Large



Informative & Feature Rich Classic Mode for PC   




Password :
Touch Friendly Mobile App for Smartphone & Tablet

Control PowerDVD with Your



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