Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lovely Folders v4

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Allows you to set an icon, background image and description for your folders

Lovely Folders is a small but powerful application that
can help you customize your Windows folders. Using this handy program
you can replace the standard folder icon for individual folders with any
eye-catching icon you wish, chosen from hundreds of built-in colorful
icons or generated automatically by internal IconConverter depending on
the content of a folder (music, video, images, etc.).

Lovely Folders can change folder background! Your individual folders now
may have a background image - just like your desktop. In addition, you
can replace the system-defined standard folder icon, set an info tip for
folders, rebuild the system icon cache, search for icons on your
computer and much more. Lovely Folders comes with three icon packs with
the highest quality icons.

· Lovely Folders automatically determines the content of a folder and recommends the most suitable icons for this folder

· LovelyConverter™ -- built-in icon converter -- simple and fast way to generate folder-look icons

· Supports ALL sizes (up to 128x128) and ALL color depths (mono, 16
colors, 256 colors, True-color and Windows XP/Vista 32-bit with alpha
channel) of the icons

· Supports the following icon resources formats: Icon files (ICO), Icon
Libraries (ICL), Icon Resources (EXE, DLL, CPL, SCR, OCX etc.)

· Supports JPEG, GIF images and bitmaps (BMP) as folder background

· Lovely Folders includes 3 icon packs with the highest quality icons (including Windows Vista color folder icons)

· All icons are sorted by categories, and when you select a category,
Lovely Folders automatically displays specified icons. Moreover, Lovely
Folders can scan your system and add ALL icons associated with the
selected category to the list of icons

· Full integration with Windows Explorer (you can launch Lovely Folders using right-click popup menu)

· Supports drag-and-drop (you can drag any file or a folder into the "Change icon" window)

· Multilingual interface (23 languages included)

· Easy to use

· Vista-like convenient and friendly interface

· Intel Pentium, Celeron or AMD CPU - 500 MHz or more

· True Color (24/32 bits per pixel) Video card 800x600 or higher

· 64 MB RAM or more


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