Thursday, 15 March 2012

Teamspeak Client

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had to solve a problem. Our problem was that the available voice
communication applications, such as Roger Wilco® or Microsoft's
GameVoice®, did not fulfil our demands. The lack of Linux compatibility,
various problems with routers and firewalls as well as overall high
bandwidth utilization made us decide to find and develop our own
solution and software, a full-featured alternative to the software that
was already out there.

Hence, the TeamSpeak development team emerged and the idea of TeamSpeak was born...

Approximately one year later we released our first public version of our
software, the Classic version of TeamSpeak. At this time we had
achieved our basic and essential goals. Our software wasn't limited to
Microsoft's Windows® platform, needed less bandwidth than other
applications, had an easy-to-use interface and firewall/router-friendly
design. TeamSpeak was quickly spreading across the Internet, far
surpassing our projected growth estimations. All the positive feedback
as well as the constructive criticism motivated us to continue our
development efforts with TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak Classic's successor, we released the first version of
TeamSpeak 2's RC1 (Release Candidate 1) series. After more than two
years of steady development our team had achieved to create a voice
communication software that to this day continues to contain a nearly
unsurpassed list of features and functionality. Today, TeamSpeak is
among the most recognized brands in the VoIP industry and is utilized in
a wide variety of applications, from online gaming to educational
institutions. Please visit our Market Share page for additional information.

Currently most of our development efforts are focused on our next
generation products...the TeamSpeak 3 SDK and the TeamSpeak 3 Client and


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