Wednesday, 14 March 2012

OxygenOffice Professional

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OxygenOffice Professional is a customized version of the popular OpenOffice that adds multiple files, including clip art, photos and other extras.

While most of the features and the interface are basically the same as the ones we've seen in the standard OpenOffice package, OxygenOffice Professional comes with multiple extras, such as more than 3400 clip art and photos, templates, sample documents and fonts.

You don't have to be a computer guru to install OxygenOffice Professional and all the aforementioned extras come by default, which means it's extremely easy to set up the application.

In addition, it offers dedicated tools to import Lotus Word Pro, MS Works, and WordPerfect Graphics documents, but it also boasts rich fields support, 3D transitions, Text Grid and EMF rendering, and Gstreamer integration.

OxygenOffice Professional seems load faster than the standard OpenOffice build, which means you can enjoy faster the Wikipedia search engine and the comprehensive help manual that lends you a hand when trying to discover all its great features.

Other than that, OxygenOffice Professional is still capable of working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations, letting you perform the exact same tasks as in OpenOffice such as writing and customizing text format, insert photos, tables, clip arts, headers, footers, frames and all the other elements we see in Office suites.

There doesn't seem to be any different when it comes to hardware requirements, so a reasonable amount of resources should be enough to be able to run OxygenOffice Professional smoothly.

Overall, OxygenOffice Professional is a nice improvement of the standard OpenOffice package and it only makes the popular freeware Office suite a complete product.

OxygenOffice Professional description

· SVG support

· 3D transitions

· Rich fields support

· Startup performance

· Unix systray quick-starter

· Calc solver

· Improved Excel interoperability

· VBA support

· Mono integration

· GStreamer integration

· Text Grid rendering

· Improved EMF rendering

· MS-Works import

· WordPerfect Graphics import

· Lotus Word Pro import

· The new version contains many features from 3.1 and fixes from 3.1.1.

· Also there are several enhancement from ooo-build system

· This release contains many templates, cliparts, fonts. Also we integrated Sun

· templates, and extensions.

· Moreover OxygenOffice Professional provides fine

· extensions like Lightproof and Numbertext extensions.


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