Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nero 7 Premium

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Nero Premium is a comprehensive disc burning and multimedia management solution. It comprises all the tools you would ever need to safely create all sorts of compilations and write them on discs, but also a other utilities to help you do much more than that.

The installation process is often confusing, mostly due to the fact that Nero 7 Premium has so many tools comprised in a single package. You should take a few moments and choose the ones you need and discard the ones that are unnecessary for you.

Although it remains the same convenient tool to burn your data on CDs and DVDs, this version also includes a bunch of other utilities that extend the range of purposes the suite can be used for. Some of them, like WaveEditor, SoundTrax, Nero Vision and PhotoSnap are dedicated to multimedia while others, such as CoverDesigner, BackItUp or ImageDrive cover system-related tasks.

Sure, each of these is useful and efficient in its very own way but, together with the burning software, the whole thing actually assaults the user with too much information. Plus, with all features installed, it could take up to 1GB of storage space, not to mention the necessary space in case you plan to store temporary DVD files: up to 9 GB.

The burning function however remains one of the most efficient, although a lot of users complain about errors received during the burning process. You should note, though, that some of the errors may be caused by faulty discs or optical drives.

It's difficult to name just a single great thing about Nero, but if one is to be emphasized, it surely is the burning tool. It remains an undisputed leader in the segment but the ever-growing abundance of unnecessary tools included in the package may deter users from installing the full bundle.


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