Thursday, 15 March 2012

Maxthon 3

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Maxthon 3 is a free web browser which
has quickly developed a large fan base, due to its completely
customizable and user-friendly interface, as well as high speed and
overall good performance. Also, Maxthon has several useful features that
aim to help you improve navigation.

For example, there is an
undo button for any tabs that you have accidentally closed, and a search
toolbar with eight different search engines, new private window and new
session options.

Capturing an image, a whole webpage or a
region doesn't require installing an add-on (as other web browsers
usually do) because now you have a single button called Snap (exports
file as .png, .bmp, or .jpg).

External Tools offer quick launch
to any software on the computer, such as Paint or Calculator, and there
is a built-in notepad that runs faster than Windows' Notepad, which you
can use to write notes, or even scripts and run them in Maxthon 3.

Sniffers features show page history and detects whether a page contains
video, audio, images or just plain text (and you can download any of
them too), while a translate button redirects you to a specified link
for language translation purposes (the default is Google Translate).

By pressing F10 you activate split screen for easy navigation between webpages (similar to Total Commander
for file managing), and the most fun part about Maxthon probably relies
within mouse gestures (for example, by simply dragging a link from any
webpage, you can open it in a new tab).

When it comes to
security and convenience, Maxthon 3 comes with a built-in Ad Hunter
blocks unnecessary ads, images and pages, a Feed Reader ensures that you
have all your news at hand, whereas the Download Manager can help you
easily access all the items you grabbed.

Maxthon 3 is likely to
surprise you with its simplicity and efficiency, especially in this
highly competitive market. Furthermore, everything about Maxthon 3 is
completely customizable, so you can create your own web browsing


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