Monday, 5 March 2012

JetAudio 8.17

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jetAudio provides users with an all-round multimedia manager. It supports the majority of both audio and video formats as well as Winamp plugins. It is definitely more than just a music player and that creates some kind of diversion given the title that it bears.

During its installation, jetAudio will offer third-party applications that you can choose to ignore and that makes it an `ad-supported` application on Softpedia. The multimedia suite asks for your attention on its first run as it displays a list of options regarding its functionality as an audio/video player or media center for multimedia files management.

Once you finally get to the main interface of the application, you learn that things can really be complicated. There are just too many functions packed within a small window and this crowded space tends to turn into a vertigo effect. The options that escape though are the `Rip`, `Convert`, `Record`, `Burn` or `Broadcast`.

jetAudio enables you to rip audio CDs and even get their details about the artist, songs or album from the Internet. It also provides audio and video conversion tools for quick and easy encoding of formats like WAV, FLAC, OGG or WMA as well as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV or MKV. It also brings an audio recorder featuring an equalizer, Low/High-pass filters and even a trimmer.

The Burning component comes in handy when needing to create audio CDs while the `Broadcast` button allows users to listen to online radios. Opening the COWON Media Center triggers a cleaner interface, well-organized and more attractive even though it is quite large. One thing you have to be careful about is the way this interface closes. There are two X buttons in the top right area – the first one closes the current window while the second one terminates the application.

Despite the fact that it comes with theme support, jetAudio lacks a simple and user friendly interface. Although it packs many functions, jetAudio falls short of the natural ease-of-use or intuition. If you look for an alternative to your current multimedia player or even suite and go for jetAudio, it may soon turn into the application you desperately want to replace – or not.

· Supports All Major File Formats

· Audio CD burning

· Recording

· Visualization

· Various sound effects

· Speed Control

· Resume

· Synchronized Lyric (Karaoke)

· Alarm & Timer

· Equalizer

· Conversion

· Audio CD Ripping

· Internet Broadcasting

· Tag Editing

· Multi-channel sound ouput

· Crossfade

· Skin

· Subtitles


· Convenient album management & Playlist


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