Monday, 5 March 2012

Internet Explorer 8

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The battle for the best internet browser ever is fierce, as top candidates always come up with new and exciting (or less exciting) features in order to overpass the other ones.

Generally speaking, a new version of a software is not necessarily better. As people come with different tastes, so do internet browsers.

IE 8 is not the latest version available on the market, but it's still very much in use.

From the user interface perspective, you'll love it if you're used to a busy environment (which is totally different from the minimalist attitude of Firefox or Chrome), especially if you have installed the whole Windows Live Essentials package, as well as its browser toolbar.

But keep in mind that you can organize basically everything, and some parts can actually be of use to you, so don't be quick to dismiss IE 8 from the very beginning.

When installing IE 8, you are of course prompted (maybe even overwhelmed) with all sorts of options and settings you can choose from. Custom settings include a default search provider, search provides updates, accelerators, SmartScreen filter, and compatibility settings.

With the default search provider you can keep the search provider you have used in the previous IE versions, or you can choose a new one, while provider updates can be automatically made.

The SmartScreen Filter will protect you against malicious activity, such as viruses and spyware, and it has been upgraded since IE 7.

Accelerators are a new feature in Internet Explorer 8 which grants you speed. They let you easily access various web services once you have found a page of interest. The default web services are Blog or E-mail with Windows Live, Map with Live Search, or Search with Google, but others can be added to the list.

The second major enhancement of IE 8 is found in Web Slices. This option literally lets you visualize chunks of information from a particular area, without having to open a new tab and navigate away from the current page.

From the performance point of view, IE 8 doesn't excel, as other competitors easily surpass it. Navigation also has a slow reaction time every now and then.

In conclusion, Internet Explorer 8 brings new features and upgraded older ones, while still having its bits and pieces of problems. But you have to actually try it to decide on whether to use it or not.


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