Monday, 5 March 2012


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India's first-ever web browser

Epic is India's first-ever Web Browser and the only browser in the world with anti-virus protection built-in. Epic supports 12 Indian Languages.

Users can choose from 1500+ Indian themes including browser-based wallpapers. The India content sidebar includes everything from news headlines to regional news to live tv to live cricket commentary.

Epic is the first browser to include a suite of productivity applications including a free word processor, video sidebar (picture-in-picture functionality), communication apps like Facebook and Twitter, My Computer file browser, and 1500+ free, user-installable sidebar apps in the Epic Apps Store.

Blazing Fast:

· Built on the latest Mozilla similar to Firefox.

· Tweaked for Speed.

· Faster Browsing. Faster Downloads.

Maximum Security for your Browser:

· Malicious Website Warnings: We'll warn you if you

· are about to visit a website known to host viruses.

· Get protection against over 3 million malicious sites.

Sidebar Applications:

· 1500+ FREE apps that install instantly.

· Have more fun. Be more productive. Or both.

2500+ Indian Themes and Wallpapers:

· Personalize Epic. Epic is the first browser to offer full-screen wallpaper images.

Type in 12 Indian Languages easily:

· With one-click in any text-box, start typing in any of 12 Indian languages. Type how the word sounds in English, and Epic will convert it to the Indic language

India instantly:

· Live Cricket Scores. Top Albums. News from 200 Leading Sources. Regional and Hindi Language News. Events. Even a Daily Joke.

18 Live TV Stations. 200+ TV Shows. Films:

· In the India Sidebar, watch 18 different live tv stations, watch tv shows from over 40 channels and hundreds of films in 7 different languages!

Epic Radio:

· Choose from thousands of radio stations across hundreds of music genres. Get desktop alerts for each new song played!

The first browser to ever kill flash tracking cookies:

· No Browsing Reports. We don't store your browser

· or search data Ever.

In-Built, Multilingual Word Processor:

· Create quick notes or documents in English & Indian

· languages instantly in our light-weight Epic Write.

Facebook, Gmail, Twitter Alerts:

· Don't miss a beat. Get instant desktop alerts for

· new tweets, e-mails and Facebook posts.


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