Thursday, 15 March 2012

Element Browser 7

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Element Browser is yet another web browser that supports multiple tabs and promises speed, along with powerful features.
interface of the application is user-friendly and attractive. In
comparison with other web browsers, this tool displays the tabs on the
lower part of the screen, in thumbnails (i.e. shelves pane). You can
minimize this bar or expand it.
In the Element menu you have
direct access to your browsing history. Plus, you can start a private
browsing window or send an email with link.
In addition, you can
create and organize bookmarks, as well as view downloads (file, size,
completed, progress, remaining, speed, added, state, resumable,
But you can also download and manage widgets, create an
app shortcut, record and manage new macros, quickly access social
networking websites, print webpages, delete browsing history and check
for program updates.
Furthermore, you can access various tools,
such as the shelves pane, hub, subscribed feeds, as well as switch to
full screen mode, open a file or save a page, and view properties.
you can view a document inspector and the source code, check webpage
compatibility mode and access a task manager (for the browser and tabs;
optionally, you can perform a benchmark for JavaScript).
In the
"Settings" window, you can set the homepage, startup options (start with
your last session or with the hub page) and search engine, configure
download settings, enable hardware acceleration and prefetching, view
stored passwords, enable classic tabs, get and manage extensions,
configure SafeSurf options and mouse gestures, view accelerators, set a
zoom level, and more.
The web browser takes up a massive amount
of system resources (as we have expected) and includes a comprehensive
help file. We haven't come across any type of issues during our tests
and strongly recommend Element Browser to all users who want to try out
something new in matter of Internet browsing.


· both a web engine and an application framework, ElementKit binds the
best of the web standards and applications together. Based on the proven
foundations of the Mozilla Gecko platform, ElementKit is proved to be a
fast, web standards compliment browsing engine- and its exclusive to
Element Browser, so it works out of the box!

ElementKit JavaScript Interpreter:

· More than 50% faster than Internet Explorer 7 and 20% Faster than
Mozilla Firefox 2, our JavaScript Interpreter renders JavaScript
applications in a blink of an eye. Tests based on Mozilla Firefox 3 java

Dynamic malware protection:

· Built on the proven reliability of Element TotalProtect, Element
Browser can automatically detect and shut down malicious software that
may be running on your computer.


· With SafeSurf you can block users from accessing unwanted web content
ranging from social networking and video sites to adult, malicious
attack sites, violence etc. And this is all done with a simple click of a
button. And you can secure it too!

Kestrel HTML Engine:

· Element Browser 3 features the Kestrel HTML rendering engine, a web
engine developed from scratch to adhere to web standards and newer


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